ECORA Race Rules & Point Series Scoring

ECORA club finishes and standings may not always correspond to actual race finishes since not all boats competing represent ECORA clubs/members.

OC1 and OC2 Races

  • Paddlers must race in a minimum of three (3) Point-Series Events in a race category.
  • Point-Series points will be awarded for long-course races only. No short-course races will be eligible.
  • A 12-point system will be used, with 1st place receiving 12 points, 2nd place receiving 11 points, and so on. At 12th place and beyond, 1 point will be awarded.
  • There will be separate 12-point systems in use for each race category: OC1 Men, OC1 Women, OC2 Men, OC2 Women and OC2 Mixed. Thus, within a race category, all applicable age classifications compete for the same set of points.
  • OC2 teams must register in the age classification of their youngest paddler.
  • All paddlers may register for any age classification lower than their actual age classification (i.e., Actual age = 52 can register as Senior Master, Master, or Open; Actual age = 22 can only register as Open).
  • Although records are maintained of placement in races, stand-up paddleboards (SUP) and other small boats are not Point-Series events.
  • The ECORA OC1/OC2 Point-Series Champion(s) (determined for each age group) will be the paddler or team who earns the most points in his/her/their best 6 finishes. So, a paddler does not have to compete in all races, but only the best 6 scores will be counted.
  • In the event of a tie for points in any age group, the first tiebreaker will be the total number of points for all races, if applicable. The second tiebreaker will be the best placements in individual race standings, if applicable.

OC6 Races

  • The OC6 race divisions are:
    • OC6 Men, OC6 Women, OC6 Mixed
    • Age Classifications: Open (under 40) and Masters (40+)
      • If a boat has any crew member under 40, the boat must register as Open
    • Spec boats (more than 320 lbs) – current ECORA race rules do not award PS points to Unlimited (less than 320 lbs) boats
  • A qualified race division requires three ECORA club entries to award race points – races with fewer ECORA entries, however, will still award each 1 point each.
  • For all eligible race-divisions, a 6-point system will be used, with the 1st place ECORA club receiving 6 points, 2nd place receiving 5 points, and so on. At 6th place and beyond, 1 point will be awarded.
  • Points will be awarded to the club that organizes the boat crew – for instance, NCA organizes a boat but is 2 people short, Cayuga paddlers join. NCA will get points that are awarded.
  • The ECORA OC6 Point-Series Club Champion will be the club that accumulates the most points from ECORA OC6 races over a season.